TCBC Overhead View
Some of the Missionaries and Ministries We Support

Jason Tulabot Francis Teodoro

John Quizon Sergio Duarte

James Hoffman Luke Townsley

Cyril Syroteuk Bob Johnston

Doug Lowry Mark Oshman

Nathan Kowack Dwight Talbot

Mike Marshall Ray Clemons

Doug Carragher Howard Nelson

Rob Oetman Christopher Sage

Reinhard Shumacher Chuck Teel

Michael Weiss Tim Carpenter - Bearing Precious Seed

Jay Aarseth - Ireland

Bob Adams - Wings Bearing Precious Seed

Salvador Ambrocio - Philippines

Dr. Gene Burge - Baptist Missions To Forgotten Peoples

Jhun Dela Cruz - Philippines

Leo Dutton - S. Korea

Wayne Gilbreath - Ministering to the Deaf

Aries Gonzales - Philippines

Les Hill - Ireland

Joe Howe - World Missions to the Armed Forces

Larry Ingals - Couriers for Christ

Inner City Baptist Missions

Dan Kowack - S. Korea

Ronnie Ladrillo - Philippines

Mike Nimesheim - American Military in Germany

Larry Pieri - Italy

Emmanuel Quizon - Philippines

Dr. Victor Vodounou - Ministry to the Deaf in Africa

Pastor Vawter - Wisconsin Fellowship of Baptist Churches

Missionaries, Ministries and Evangelists we have had and recommend and we pray for

Ingco Family Flores Family

Espinosa Family Dwayne Hinson

Ted Alexander Gentry Family

Barker Family Davisons Family

Morgans Family Raub Family

Mercado Family Bobby Brindle

Dale Aguiar Family Hazard Family

Chris Stansell Teesdale Family

Eleseph Dulay Claypools Family

Tim Aguiar Family Black Family

Long Family